Straight from the Bizarre Mind of David Hicks...
Creations to Help You in Your Relationship With the Creator
From someone who is really no one...
Welcome to my world!  Here you will find anything and everything I've ever made that...
  1.  May be of help to you or someone else in understanding God, Jesus, the Bible, Satan, and all things related
  2.  I didn't delete.
  3.  I've found time to upload to this website.
Peruse at your leisure!  May you and/or someone you love be richly blessed by having come to this website!
David Hicks
All the photos you will see on this website were taken by the greatest photographer I've ever known - my wife Heather Hicks.
Whether You Love God or Hate God, You Are Welcome Here!
If Right Now You're Angry With God and Maybe Even Angrier At Christians, It's Okay
Let's face it.  Sometimes people who say they follow Jesus are rude, mean, cruel, insensitive, uncaring, unthoughtful, hypocrites.  And I hate to say it, but I'm sure I've played most if not all of those roles plus many other negative ones in my life as a Christian.  If you have been the victim of such hypocrisy, the first thing I want to say to you is, I am deeply sorry.  I am sorry for every time I or anyone else wearing the name of Jesus has hurt you.  I wish I could take all those moments back.  I'd try and defend us but there is no defense.  Just please, please, please, don't let our mistakes, our sins, our faults close your heart to Jesus.  We weren't following Him in those moments, and so it wasn't Jesus who was hurting you, but who was loving you and trying to help you overcome His faulty people.  May somehow, some way, some day, may something on this website help you find healing, and even more, find Jesus.
The Last Six From Hicks
Want to know what the latest additions to the website have been?  Here are my latest six, with number 1 being the newest.
1. Podcasts - My Struggle With Cowardice, Part 2
2. Podcasts - My Struggle With Cowardice, Part 1
3. Comedy - Jungle Jim Tells the Story of Abraham and Isaac
4. Podcasts - Getting to Know Jesus - Part 3c, From Moses on...
5. Comedy - I See the Bikini.  What Happened to the String?
6. Other - A Reading of "The Cat in the Hat", by Dr. Seuss
About the guy in the middle..
Born way back yonder in 1970, I was adopted and raised in the small town of Rockwood, Tennessee (what else do you expect from someone with the last name of Hicks?).  I graduated from Lipscomb University in 1992 and from I.T.T. in 2010,... I think it was.  God has blessed me with a life of many spiritual adventures - teaching, preaching, song leading, song writing, youth ministry, Inner City work, African mission work and most recently acting.  He's also blessed me with a wonderful son (Caleb, on the left in the red), a wonderful wife (Heather, who would kill me if I uploaded a picture of her), wonderful people (for example Caleb's friend Robert on the right), and yes, even a wonderful dog (Daisy, in the.... oh! You know where she is!)