Straight from the Bizarre Mind of David Hicks...

Rave Reviews (and no they weren't paid.... yet)

  "I was sitting on my bench in the backyard and thank goodness the bathroom is close.  That was so funny.  
I thoroughly enjoyed this performance." - Valerie
"Skills and much potential. I loved your act!" - Gregory

 "That is absolutely hilarious!  Thank you for sharing it, I had a good laugh!" - Diane
"Tough crowd at times, but you did great! I always knew you had it in you. " - Chelcia

Me as Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim 1 -
The First Man and Woman
Jungle Jim 2 -
The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
Jungle Jim 3 -
Tells the Story of Cain and Abel
Jungle Jim 4 - The Story of Noah
Jungle Jim 5 - The Story of Abraham
Jungle Jim 6 - The Story of Abraham and Isaac
Jungle Jim 7 - The Story of Isaac and Rachel, I Mean, Rebekah

 Me as Me

A Never Ending Supply of Comedic Material
Care for Some Football With Your Commercials?
A humorous, or at least hopefully humorous look at the future of corporate sponsorship in a football radio broadcast, in particular that of the Tennessee  Titans.  I did this routine at the 2016 V. Alexander office Christmas party.
My first recording of me doing comedy as me.  For those of you who don't know me well, you'll think "There's no way."  For those of you who do me well, you'll think "Yep.  That's him!"
Awkwardness in Africa and Other Stories
The awkwardness of dealing with the lack of upper body attire in Africa., how hard it is to walk my dogs, and a story involving something I never, ever thought I'd see or hear.  This routine took place at the April 2017 V. Alexander office luncheon.
Something Painful Happened on the Way to the Emergency Room
June 2017 comedy routine at V. Alexander, mostly about a trip my wife and I had to take to the emergency room. Also includes "TV is a black hole to my brain" bit.
I See the Bikini. What Happened to the String?
The awkwardness of dealing with lack of body attire period when it comes to swimming in America.  This was the July 2017 V. Alexander office luncheon.  Lunch was 30 minutes late and no one could eat until I shut up.  Yikes!

The Story Behind My Comedy

Life has a way of making us feel like we're drowning, buried in a sea of problems, troubles and hardships.   What I have discovered is that laughter has a way of bringing  us up for a breath of fresh air no matter how far we are under the surface,   It has a way of bringing us back to hope, back to faith, back to sanity.

So while I've always loved to make people laugh, over the past few years God has helped me take it to another level.  It began with a character I love to play, Jungle Jim.  Jungle Jim was a Bible class character for four and five year olds that I morphed into a rather extremely but oddly educated theologian . Beginning with a simply 5 minute stand up routine and continuing with the recordings found below, Jungle Jim has a way of presenting Bible stories and more that can bring laughter to all.

Having a few Jungle Jim routines under my belt, it was time to branch out and try comedy as simply myself.  That beginning can be found below in "A Never Ending Supply of Comedic Material."   After finishing it, I was working on the "Care for Some Football With Your Commercials" routine when all laughter broke lose....
You see it was the office Christmas party.  I was signed up to sing and by what I believe was God's providence I was the last one to go.  When I was done, I asked if we had time for some "shenanigans."  With no one following, they said "Sure!".  So I asked someone in the audience to choose between the "Care for Some Football" routine and a silly song I had prepared.  They chose the routine, I did it, and people loved it.  In fact one of the executives loved it so much he asked me to do a routine at each of our monthly office luncheons to which I agreed.  The quotes you see above are from people who have heard my stand-up and/or listened to some of the recordings below.  

Trust me when I say I am surprised as anyone that life has taken this turn, that God has opened this door,  It is totally from Him, for without Him I couldn't even make a hyena laugh.